Thursday, 16 August 2012


Hey am back.

Recently i berfikir sejenak... berfikir dan berfikir

terus berfikir...

Yup Raya datang lagi.. and i not really care about the Eid which coming just another 2 days.

Yes.. berfikir... lately i just know how to make RM10K in 4 months..

But now am wondering... How we could turn the RM10K to RM100K in 6 months or maybe in a year?

There must be a way.. n it will always be..

Please la...selain dari solat sunat Dhuha.

Berfikir dan terus berfikir...


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I bertuah You!

Benda benda karut macam ni, bukan untuk kau taksub nak percaya bulat - bulat. Cukup la sekadar dijadikan garis panduan hidup kau sepanjang 2012.

Fortune Foretelling in 2012 
Overview: This dragon year would run smoothly for rat people. After the misfortune in the past rabbit year, they will have a very good year in 2012, especially in career and finance. Rat is one of the luckiest animal signs this year.With Water Dragon's help, expect to be busy! A colorful variety of people are about to enter your life. Expect to effortlessly make both new friends and those who can help you achieve long-term goals. You'll find it easier to be in sync with those around you.

Your compassion for others mixed with generous gestures makes you quite popular. Whether hosting events or attending parties, be ready to influence others on behalf of any favorite cause or interest.

Career: Rat people have good luck in study and career, with good development space and help from others. Take the opportunity and make a success! Hardworking Rats have a way of expressing themselves that makes people want to help out. No matter what your job situation, Dragon brings good luck in pursuing ambitious goals.

The Water element will give you extra sensitivity that develops excellence in leading team efforts. The May 20 New Moon/Solar Eclipse begins an expansive and productive time that can attract better opportunities to travel, train, or network to improve your career prospects. Remain confident and open to possibilities you may not have previously considered.

Wealth: They are likely to make a big fortune. There are more chances for cooperation and interpersonal communication this year, which also means a certain amount of expenditure. Challenging economic times seem to bring out the best in you. Rats spot the potential for financial growth well ahead of the crowd. You can discover opportunities to become more secure, even in times of economic downturn.

Your analytical nature helps you do necessary research to see the big picture - but one warning: you might spend too freely or give away precious resources under the compassionate and generous influence of Water Dragon. Expect to develop lucrative connections with highly skilled people.

Love: Rat people will be the popular fellow this year . Tehihihi.. They may make acquaintance to many new friends of the opposite sex, many of which have crush on them. Rat people with girl/boy friends may get married and single rats would probably find their love. There is a reminder for married rats. Their popularity could bring harms to their partner and family. With Water Dragon whispering in your ear, your desire for emotional intimacy will be strong and your ability to combine wisdom and passion will be stronger. Even long-term relationships will be energized in positive ways.

A powerful and romantic New Moon on August 17 asks you to trust your intuition and give yourself permission to invite greater joy in your life. For eloquent Rats, when it comes to love it will be easier to express your deepest feelings in writing.

Health: They should avoid being easily irritated, or they are like to be wounded because of fights and arguments. For elder rat people, pay special attention in case of going to hospital finally.

Sumber : - Master Chin-

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Entri Satu Hari

suke scene 0.20 / 0.59 / 1.05 / 1.07 and 1.18.. Makcik nie concern sangat. :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just a quick up date!

Sori i dah lama tak mengarut panjang panjang.Tapi oleh kerana kamu tak peduli, jadi apa aku pedulih..?

Ok. Sejak menjak ni terasa diri sedikit annoying. Padeli apsal lately kau kerja tak henti henti hah?

Yesterday  is history
Tomorrow is mystery
Today is a gift and that's why it's called the present

* Cepatlah promotion tu datang.. sumpah i taknak kerja berat berat dah lepas ni.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Wonder..

Whether it is an offense if someone interested in different fragrances gender?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

From KL to PD

Selain dari kerja menunggu orang, Internet Excess yang super siput, battery handphone flat di saat saat kau kecemasan, Travel outside during your birthday is such an annoying thing juga. 

I tak suka kena outstation, sebab selalu kena tidur sorang-sorang and thing such a detestation whiles being alone in the dark. Macam you know lah kan.. Waktu kau sorang Sorang, Time tu la bunyi pelik pelik nak keluar.


Im reach 27 this year. Frasa baru bermula. Baru 8 jam.


Tapi ada beberapa perkara yang i tak proud nak sharing kan with you guys.


Cukup untuk I katakan ada gelak tawa, selang seli dengan perkara perkara yang tidak mematangkan diri.

Nota pada diri: Perlu konsisten. 

Ada promotion yang menanti i October ini.


Focus, and thing should be good!

Bye KL. Jumpe kau Khamis nanti

sunset view from d room

Sekarang meh teman kan i tido. Tak sanggup rasanya kalau yang pelik pelik menumpang disebelah.

Melepak dengan staff

aksi aksi Korek hidung

"Fad" dah kena makan dulu tehehehe

Now i nak dinner. tak sabar nak pulang balik esok. 


Sunday, 2 October 2011


Oleh kerana ulang tahun keputeraan padeli yang jatuh pada hari orang berkerja.. maka party in advance selayaknya disambut pada hujung minggu lepas. 

 Baiklah. Bagi saya, mom treats tak perlu lah yang mahal mahal (Tapi kalau free, terus jangan segan segan untuk menolak ok!). Since ibu yang sudah tidak lagi berkerja, jadi sila bawak saya ke Sushi king sebab i nak feeling feeling Joe Odagiri harini.

Posing je tu..but she aint enjoying the japanesee food.. kan? kan?   

Ok.. Si gedik ni..tak sah kalau tak ikut sama

ok we all done~

I tak sempat minum yakult hari tu, You know kan bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota adalah baik untuk perut selepas kau melantak yg bukan bukan. Malam itu, i've proceed my precious time for Friends celebrating Each other activity. Ok lah malas nak cerita panjang panjang. Tengok gambar saja sudah lah.



Besday boy memang kena pose malu malu >__<
muka beratur beli ayor.. Tapi yang belakang tu, eh kau apsal tumpang pose dalam blog orang?
gendang gendut tali kecapi..kenyap perut, perut pun gendut..Hah puas hati kau sekarang?
Credit to Master Chef untuk pavlova yg sedap itu :D
 U know i tak suka sangat benda typical mcm the ordinary cake tu, Terima kasih untuk The Homemade Pavlova ni, next time sila baked untuk i lagi